Monday, 8 November 2010

The Secret Millionaire - Behind The Title

Sunny Govan Radio - The secret Millionaire

Working at Sunny Govan as a voluntary journalist has allowed me to become part of the close relationship that the station has with its local community, both on the airwaves and in terms of valuable training and development opportunities.

Sunny Govan focuses on providing educational and informative shows, and allows listeners to directly question those involved in decision-making that affects their local area. It also gives these people a resource from which they can explore and challenge their representation and help re-define the stereotypical image surrounding Greater Govan. Sunny Govan Community Radio slogan “Your station, Your creation” puts emphasis on the community-oriented nature of the project. The station also acts as an outlet for local DJ’s and artists to be heard as they often struggle to find such opportunities elsewhere.

Sunny Govan is established as an organisation that is not run with a view to profit and ensures independence through being financed by a variety of sources (Communities Scotland, South West Glasgow Community Planning, Greater Glasgow Health Promotions, The Key Fund) while also working in close alliance with charities including Oxfam and Shelter. The station recognises and respects the work and contributions of its volunteers, and welcomes any help it can get.

This year, Sunny Govan Radio has experienced major funding-cuts and setbacks to the project. Glasgow Community Planning Partnership withdrew its annual funding of £59,000, leaving the project members fearing the worst. However, in March 2010 the station received a visit from a gentleman accompanied by a film crew who wanted to find out more about Sunny Govan Radio and the work they do within the community.

He spent a week living in the area, and also spent a great deal of time within the project, following the staff and volunteers around the local area as they conducted several workshops.
He also visited various different community projects and witnessed first-hand the good work that takes place within the community of Greater Govan.

Impressed by the passion and ambition that Sunny Govan held towards helping its local community, the crew awarded the station £15,000. It could not have happened at a more crucial time. This generous donation has allowed the project to maintain its ongoing support for the local community and continue to retrain and develop those looking to learn new skills, at least for the time being.

The project staff joked with him that they hoped he was the secret millionaire, but this turned out to be more accurate than anyone would have dared to believe….

Tune in to Channel 4 at 9pm 21st November 2010 to find out what happens.

Sunny Govan is a local community radio station which provides training and learning opportunities to the local community and also broadcasts 24 hours a day across Glasgow on 103.5fm.